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Structural abnormalities that affect your nose may impair breathing and other functions. Robert Schmidt, MD, a double board-certified plastic surgeon at West End Facial Plastic Surgery in Richmond, Virginia, specializes in making your nose look and function at its best. He also specializes in rhinoplasty revision. To schedule your nasal surgery consultation with an expert in facial plastic surgery, call the office in The West End or book an appointment online today.

Nasal Surgery Q & A

What is nasal surgery?

When it comes to nose surgery, most people only think about plastic surgery to fix the size, shape, and appearance of the nose. But structural abnormalities may affect the normal function of your nose and benefit from nasal surgery.

The double-board certified plastic surgeon at West End Facial Plastic Surgery is an expert at improving the look and function of your nose using many nasal surgery techniques. 

What are the types of nasal surgery?

There are many types of nasal surgery:


Septoplasty is a nasal surgery that fixes a deviated septum. The septum has bone and cartilage and separates the two sides of your nose. If you have a deviated septum, you may have a hard time breathing through one side of your nose.

You may be born with a deviated septum, or it may develop after trauma to the nose. Your deviated septum may also cause external crookedness. 


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects nasal deformities to improve the look of your nose. During rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon at West End Facial Plastic Surgery focuses on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the procedure. 

Turbinate reduction

Nasal turbinates line the inside of your nose and moisten the air you breathe in. However, your nasal turbinates may grow large and obstruct breathing.

Turbinate reduction is a nasal surgery that removes the turbinates or makes them smaller to improve breathing.

Revision rhinoplasty

The results of nasal surgery can be unpredictable. You may develop scar tissue or other problems during the healing process that affect the look or function of your nose. Modern rhinoplasty techniques emphasize building support and structure in the nose to prevent scarring to ensure long-term results. 

West End Facial Plastic Surgery performs revision rhinoplasty to fix problems from an earlier surgery. Rhinoplasty revision is more complex than rhinoplasty and requires an individualized surgical plan to fix the underlying issue and rebuild and reshape the nose. 

What can I expect during a nasal surgery consultation?

When you visit West End Facial Plastic Surgery for a nasal surgery consultation, you can expect a patient-focused evaluation. During your visit, your plastic surgeon asks detailed questions about your concerns and goals.

Then, they examine your nose and take diagnostic images to assess the internal structure. Your plastic surgeon also reviews your medical history.

Based on the information gathered during your consultation, the experienced plastic surgeon at West End Facial Plastic Surgery develops your personalized nasal surgery plan.

To improve the look and function of your nose, call West End Facial Plastic Surgery, or book an appointment online today. 


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