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 “You clearly have a gift. It was crazy to see those photos, it’s hard to comprehend where I was and where I am now. I am truly blessed and forever thankful!! ?”


“You’ve been amazing, and I’m BEYOND HAPPY with the results and would love nothing more than to help you at…you’re EXTREMELY good at what you do and people need to know about you!

Thank you again!”


“This past Tuesday, … Dr. Robert Schmidt … performed what was termed a “complex closure” on my tongue. The cuts to my tongue were from a fall… As I type this note I am coming along as well or better than my expectations…

I am certainly appreciative of Dr. Schmidt’s expertise, availability and scheduling my surgery at St. Joseph’s, but that is just the beginning of my experience at St. Joseph.
Every individual that in someway touched my care had a welcoming smile…

Wish all at St. Joseph’s all the very best, and my wife and I think your staff for holding our hand through our time at your place.”



“In February of 2013 I was going to have surgery on my nose for a deviated septum. My wife suggested that while they were making the repair that I might consider having a rhino plastic. She commented that Dr. Schmidt was able to perform that surgery as she too uses him for Botox and Fillers. I gave it much thought and decided to ask Dr. Schmidt to perform my surgery. My nose from the side gave the appearance of looking like a parrot. I was born with this nose and decided it was time for some improvement.

I met with Dr. Schmidt discussing my concerns with him. He addressed all of my concerns and explained the surgery thoroughly. I did not want a pug nose nor unnatural looking nose. I want it to appear as though I had no surgery at all.

I myself took before and after pictures. The photos show a huge improvement. Nobody noticed my surgery until I brought up the subject. Dr. Schmidt did exactly as I requested.

I am completely satisfied with Dr. Schmidt and my surgery. I would have no hesitation to ask him to any any other facial surgeries. The arch is gone and my nose is straight.”



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