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Dr. Schmidt is very pleased to introduce the PrecisionTx laser lift system to Richmond! PrecisionTx is a minimally invasive solution for jowls and sagging tissues of the lower face and neck.

Previously, patients who had sagging tissues of their lower face and neck would have to undergo a formal face or neck lift to get the correction they desired.

Lower face and neck lifts work well! It’s a tried and true technique. However, there are disadvantages. First, it requires sedation or general anesthesia. There is at least a week of downtime. Permanent stitches are used under your skin to permanently support the tissues. You have to do a significant amount of wound care while the external stitches are in place.

This is why Dr. Schmidt is so pleased to bring the PrecisionTx laser lift system to Richmond! PrecisionTx offers a number of advantages over a traditional lift.

  1. First, it is done with local anesthesia in Dr. Schmidt’s office. You don’t have to go to sleep and you don’t have to pay a surgery center’s fees.
  2. Second, there are NO STITCHES. A laser probe is introduced through three tiny incisions. The laser dissolves extra fat then tightens your skin. The incisions are so small that they heal without a stitch.
  3. The procedure takes about an hour, while a traditional lift will take 3-4 hours.
  4. Fourth, there is a lot less downtime. We’d prefer that you take it easy for a weekend with a wrap and some padding around your jawline. After that, you can take the wrap off and go to work like normal. There is minimal bruising, and what is there can be hidden with makeup. We’d only ask that you wear the wrap at night and around the house for a week after your procedure.

While you can expect to see an improvement from a PrecisionTx Laser Lift immediately, the results improve over 3-6 months. How is this possible?

PrecisionTx stimulates your body’s own cells to lay down collagen. This improves your skin’s thickness and elasticity. This process takes time which is why patients see continued improvement for several months following the procedure. Just like a facelift, laser lifts provide a permanent improvement that can last up to ten years or more.

A PrecisionTx Laser Lift can be combined with other procedures that are commonly done in the office including an upper eyelid lift and laser resurfacing for your upper face.

Not everybody is a candidate for a PrecisionTx Laser Lift. Call us or contact us to set up an appointment to talk to Dr. Schmidt to see if a PrecisionTx Laser Lift is right for you!