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JBP_8990 copyThe results of nasal surgery can be unpredictable despite our best efforts. Scar tissue and variables in the healing process can cause aesthetic and functional problems years following an initially successful rhinoplasty surgery.

Modern rhinoplasty techniques developed over the last twenty years emphasize building support and structure into a nose to resist forces of scarring and ensure a good long-term result.

Dr. Schmidt’s training emphasized Revision Rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can be extremely difficult and candidates are evaluated on an individual basis. Dr. Schmidt tries to determine each revision candidate’s specific needs and plans surgery to address these complaints. Frequently cartilage from the nasal septum is used to rebuild and reshape collapsed or twisted structures. If sufficient septal cartilage is unavailable, Dr. Schmidt is experienced in using cartilage from other places in your body to build structure into a nose.

Recovery from revision rhinoplasty surgery can be prolonged compared to the initial procedure because of scarring deposited following the initial surgery. Dr. Schmidt will monitor your progress in the initial weeks to months following your surgery to try to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Please feel free to view our photo gallery to see Dr. Schmidt’s patients’ results from primary and revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Schmidt is a published author on complications from rhinoplasty in his mentor’s book, Rhinoplasty: Cases and Techniques, now available from Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.


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