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This patient suffered a rare complication from a severe frontal sinus infection. Tiny veins communicate from your frontal sinus to the skin of the forehead. Her infection traveled along one of these veins, creating an abscess. Successful treatment of the abscess by another surgeon resulted in this hole that connects her frontal sinus with the outside world. She could literally blow air out of her forehead. She had to walk around with a bandaid over the hole to make her presentable in public. Months passed before she came to my attention.

We repaired the defect in the operating room with the patient under anesthesia. We excised the borders of the defect along with tissue above and below the defect. Then, we brought the sides of her forehead together so that he had a vertical scar in the center of her forehead. Postoperative photos were taken six weeks following the surgery. No revision procedures were necessary.

A colleague and I presented this work at the AAFPRS annual meeting in New Orleans in 2013.


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