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This is a patient in her seventies who suffered a severe case of Bell’s Palsy on the left. You can see how her face is drooping on her pre-operative views. One of the problems that patients get with Bell’s Palsy that their eye doesn’t close. Additionally, the lower eyelid droops which causes excessive tearing and irritation of the eye. On the second set of pictures, you can still see her eyeball when she is asked to close her eye.

This patient was referred to Dr. Schmidt for ringing in her ear, but immediately we recognized that she needed surgery to help her eye. Dr. Schmidt placed a gold weight in her eyelid so it could close. He tightened her lower eyelid to prevent sagging. He then did a one-sided brow lift to help the droopiness of her upper face and improve her field of vision.

The post-operative photos were taken four weeks following her last procedure. She was extremely pleased with the result. The eye irritation and tearing improved immediately and she was extremely pleased that she could start to look more like herself.


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