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This patient suffered from long-term nasal obstruction and sinus problems. She needed a septoplasty and sinus surgery, but she also decided that she wanted to have an aesthetic improvement as well. She disliked the boxy appearance of her nasal tip and was concerned that her nasal tip would collapse as she aged. We did not want to make her nose significantly smaller or more narrow so that it remained in balance with her other facial features. After another surgeon performed sinus surgery, we straightened her septum and then worked on her nasal tip. The cartilage from her septum was used to strengthen her nasal tip cartilages and prevent collapse with age. Her nasal tip cartilages also had knobs (the technical name is “bossae”) that we removed. Her postoperative photos were taken six months following her surgery. We achieved a subtle improvement in her nasal tip and her breathing was improved.


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