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This patient has a relatively large basal cell cancer carcinoma of the right posterior nasal ala. We wanted to give him a repair that was cosmetically acceptable and preserved his ability to breathe. Surgery on the nasal ala may result in collapse and nasal obstruction as the healing process proceeds. We removed the cancer in the operating room. A pathologist checked the lesion to make sure all of it was removed prior to reconstruction. We took cartilage from his ear to reinforce the nasal ala. We then performed a melolabial interpolation flap for repair. In this repair, a bridge of skin is taken from the cheek and attached to the nose, preserving its blood supply from the cheek tissue. After three weeks, the bridge of skin was divided and the final repair was done. His scars are indistinguishable. No revision surgery was performed. The postoperative photos were taken three months following his second surgery.


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