All you need to know about a “Liquid Facelift”

The aging process affects our faces in many ways. On the skin surface, we develop pigment and texture irregularities. The skin also develops fine lines and wrinkles. Our facial tissues can sag leading to jowling, deep folds around the mouth, and loosening of the skin around the chin and neck.

Our strategies for reducing the signs of aging target each of these problems. Surface treatments like IPL and laser resurfacing help improve skin pigmentation and texture. Surgery removes excess skin and returns the deeper tissues to their youthful positions.

For patients who are not ready for surgery, we offer the Liquid Facelift. This procedure is designed to camouflage the signs of aging using injectable products and can be performed in the office.

For the upper face, we use Botox or Xeomin around the eyes and in the frown lines to relax the underlying muscles. If done properly, this can result in a subtle brow lift. It is not as powerful or permanent as a surgical brow lift, but it is a nice alternative to surgery.

For the lower face, we use fillers like Radiesse and Perlane to add volume underneath deep wrinkles. This helps to camouflage the deep lines around the mouth caused by sagging tissues. Sometimes we will also add volume to the cheeks to give a more youthful look to the middle of the face.


This patient had this exact combination – Radiesse to her cheeks and the folds around her mouth, and Botox around her eyes. We achieved a nice improvement in her cheeks and folds.

While the benefits of a Liquid Facelift are temporary, this procedure is an excellent option if surgery isn’t a possibility for you. The entire process takes about thirty minutes and you can return to work and play immediately after your appointment. Some patients experience bruises at the injection sites. If you want tips on preventing bruises, check out our post on bruises!

A Liquid Facelift is a great option for many patients with aging face concerns, but there are limits to what a it can accomplish.

Sadly, there are no injectable options for the dreaded “turkey neck.”

If your neck looks like this, you should consider a facelift!

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