Beauty Maintenance Resolutions for 2020

Every new year is an opportunity for growth and improvement. Here at WEFPS, we want everybody to look and feel their best, so I thought I’d sit down and share some resolutions you might consider if you want 2020 to be your skin’s best year yet.

Get serious about your daily skin care routine!

Are you still using the same face wash you used in high school? Come on! You can do better than that! Let our staff help you pick from our line of professional-grade products. We can customize a daily regimen for all skin types!

Got sun damage? Come in for IPL!

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It’s kind of like a laser, except where lasers take a very small part of the light spectrum to do a job, IPL uses intense white light to get rid of sun spots and broken capillaries. There’s minimal to no down time, although you do need to be out of the sun for a week after your treatment. I had a series of three treatments a couple of years ago and get about one touch up treatment a year now. For more, check out this video:

Get on our schedule for monthly dermal infusion facials!

Trust your skin to Lita!

Dermal infusion facials combine microdermabrasion with infusions that can be customized based on your skin’s needs. The microdermabrasion exfoliates you and cleans out your pores. The infusions then can help if you have dry skin, acne, or just want to brighten your skin. They’re great as one- time treatments if you’re looking to pamper yourself, but they’re best used as monthly treatments to keep your skin at its best. For more on our aesthetic services, click here!


Botox® and Xeomin® are for beauty maintenance too!

Everybody knows that Botox® helps your wrinkles. Xeomin® is a close cousin and I have used them interchangeably in my practice for about six years. Both of them make muscles relax. Once your facial muscles relax, the overlying skin wrinkles get better. But the best news is, you can prevent them in the first place by judiciously starting Botox® BEFORE you have any wrinkles!

Come see me in Charlottesville and Chester!

In 2019, I became the medical director of two med spas in central Virginia. This means I oversee some of their more advanced treatments and I see patients there for injectables and consultations.

Hanging out with some of the Neroli team

Neroli Med Spa and Beauty Lounge is in Charlottesville on West Main Street. They offer a carefully edited collection of relaxing massage, facials and body treatments, as well as results-driven medical-grade services. They also have unique products, clothing, and accessories that can only be found at Neroli.

This is Tammy. She is a master aesthetician and she owns Deux Amis. She’s awesome. If you live in Chester you should go see her. Like, immediately.

Deux Amis Med Spa in Chester, VA is proud of their service, dedication and professionalism that they offer each of their guests. Their goal is to customize and maintain the best skin care plan for each individual, specializing in custom facials, microdermabrasion, laser skin care, Botox®, fillers and laser hair removal.


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