Dr. Schmidt’s winter skin care tips

The holidays are behind us and winter is in full effect!

Cold, dry air can be quite irritating and your skincare needs may change. Here are some winter skin care tips to keep your skin looking its best during the winter months.

1) Hydrate!

Winter skin care is all about keeping moisture in your skin. Water is an important component of the deeper layers of your skin. While we will discuss surface treatments, the most basic part of keeping your skin properly hydrated is to keep the rest of you hydrated! Your skin’s water content reflects your overall body’s water content. Keep in mind that the hot drinks we enjoy to warm up frequently contain caffeine which can be dehydrating if consumed in large amounts.

2) Moisturize!

Happy, healthy skin has plenty of moisture in its deeper layers. When your skin dries out, this layer loses water content and your skin loses its natural suppleness. It can also be uncomfortable! Cold air, dry air, and winter winds mount a triple assault on the moisture content of your skin. You likely will need to alter your skin care regimen in the winter months to replenish this moisture. If you have oily skin during the summer, you may suffer from dry skin in the winter. While these oils can cause acne in the summer, they can be protective in the winter months. You may need to scale back your cleaning regimen and use a more potent moisturizer. For those of us with naturally dry skin, this will be much worse in the winter. You may need to add additional products to your skin care regimen to keep your skin moisturized.

At West End Facial Plastic Surgery, we have a full array of products to help increase your skin’s moisture content.

3) Don’t forget sunscreen!

Even though the sun isn’t as strong in the winter as it is during the summer, sunscreen is important all year round. Because it isn’t as hot, you may be spending more time outside enjoying the weather which will increase your UV light exposure.

The snow actually reflects and intensifies UV light, so sunscreen is a must for skiers and snowboarders.

You’re born with the only skin you will ever have and it’s important to maintain it. Winter can be particularly challenging. Be sure to hydrate, moisturize, and wear sunscreen. If you’re unsure of what skin care routine would be best for you, give us a call for a consultation!

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