Everything you wanted to know about facial plastic surgery: Part 2

Today we’re continuing our series where I answer questions that I hear all the time in conversations with patients, family, and friends. As always, if you have something you want to know, shoot me an e-mail, visit us on Facebook, or fill out the contact form to the right. I’d love to hear from you!

Is it possible to have surgery secretly?

Not completely. We take patient privacy very seriously and would never show your pictures or talk about what we’ve done together unless you gave us permission. All of the patient pictures you see on my website were used with their permission.

For less invasive office procedures including Botox® and fillers like Restylane® and Radiesse®, probably. You may get some bruising that indicates that you had something done. For hints on how to prevent bruising, check out this post from my archives. I have several clients who make appointments for these procedures when family members are out of town to maintain secrecy!

For cosmetic surgeries, maybe. I often do upper eyelid surgery in the office. My patients need someone to drive them to and from the office and leave with stitches, but otherwise very few people are aware that anything has happened. If we do something more involved like a facelift, we go to a surgery center. All of the staff members that work there are bound by the same confidentiality standards as any health professional anywhere, but it’s not quite as secret as doing a procedure in the office.

Can the results ever be subtle?

Yes! My goal with any facial plastic surgery is to make it look like nothing was done. If you ended up with an “operated” look, then I would feel like I didn’t do my job correctly. I want people to think you went on vacation or got some extra sleep, or perhaps got a new haircut.

When we were going through the editing process for the most recent batch of videos I put on my Youtube channel, I was struck by how often I used the word “subtle.” So yes, the results can be subtle. Sometimes with rhinoplasty the results are dramatic, but my goal is always to give you the nose that best suits your face!



If concerns about looking unnatural after surgery are holding you back, let’s talk about it! I have plenty of before and after photos in the office to help you understand the kinds of changes we can create.

That’s it for today! Keep those questions coming! Shoot me an e-mail, visit our Facebook page, or use the contact form to the right. I’d love to hear from you!

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