Four Myths about Rhinoplasty

This patient is one week after having a rhinoplasty

Let's face it: surgery is scary! It's not a normal thing! We go into a room, you go to sleep, I use sharp things on you, then you wake up in a room of strangers, under the influence of drugs! There is also a lot of misinformation about different procedures on the internet. 

Today, I want to address common myths about one of my favorite procedures, rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, or surgical reshaping of the nose, can be done to improve the appearance of your nose, improve your breathing, or to fix an old problem. It is one of the most common surgeries that I perform, and I've done hundreds over the course of my career. Here are my responses to common myths surrounding rhinoplasty.

This patient is a week out from her rhinoplasty- you'd never know it!

Today I've addressed four common myths about rhinoplasty. I've made some pretty big claims here- you won't hurt, you will be able to breathe, and you'll be back to normal pretty quickly. I've had a sense of this for years, but I recently did a rhinoplasty on a dear friend of mine who lives two doors down from me, so I was able to watch his healing closely. He took no pain medications. His snoring improved rapidly. And other than the cast I made him wear for a week, he didn't look like he had had anything done.

If you're considering having a rhinoplasty, I invite you to come see me in my office. I'll show you dozens of patients a week out from rhinoplasty and you can see for yourself just how easy it can be.

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