Three things you need to know about sagging eyelids

During the holiday season, people frequently consider resolutions for the new year. Some look in the mirror and their reflection just doesn’t look like the person they feel like on the inside. The question is, what to do? Some people decide to go on a diet. Other people join a gym. Some people focus on their eyes. Eyelids are often the first place where people notice age-related changes.

With that in mind, here are three things you NEED to know about sagging eyelids and eyelid surgery.

1) Sagging eyelids not only make us look older, they can have a major impact on our quality of life. If severe, the extra skin and fat weigh down the eyelids. By the end of the day, you may have very tired eyes because you’ve been working all day to hold your eyelids open! In some patients, the skin actually spills over the edge of your eyelid and can obstruct your vision.

2) An “eyelid lift” or blepharoplasty surgery doesn’t need to be expensive! Many insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of an upper lid blepharoplasty if the skin does indeed cause visual obstruction. For patients interested in eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Schmidt routinely performs upper eyelid surgery in the office. This helps to keep the overall costs lower than if we went to a surgery center. Patients can choose to take a sedative beforehand if they are nervous. Still dubious? Click here to read a testimonial from a patient who had in-office eyelid surgery.

3) The recovery is pretty easy! You may get a little puffy and have some bruising if you’re prone to it (more on that in this post from June), but you’ll feel surprisingly good! The most recent eyelid surgery patient was surfing the internet the afternoon of her surgery and was working from home the next day. Most of the time, the sutures are removed after about five days and patients return to their normal routines shortly thereafter.

If you’re considering making a change this new year, you might consider addressing those heavy eyelids. It can significantly improve your quality of life, requires minimal down time, and doesn’t need to be expensive!

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